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Anti-Pull Harnesses Review

Easy Walk harness - one of the bestselling anti-pull harnesses

Easy Walk harness - one of the bestselling anti-pull harnesses

What is an anti-pull dog harness or anti-pull leash/head collar?  Which is the best dog harness to stop your dog pulling?  These are the questions most people ask when looking to solve the problem of their dog pulling on the leash when out walking.

If your dog pulls on the leash whilst wearing a standard collar and leash, it can seriously harm your dog’s neck/trachea and ultimately the spine if it isn’t corrected quickly.  If your dog is coughing, wheezing and pulling you along, it is no fun for either of you and if your dog is big, there is the added danger of you being pulled over and hurt.

Using any type or style of dog harness instead of a standard collar and leash to walk your dog, will relieve the strain on a dog’s neck and prevent injury.  Anti-pull harnesses for dogs have additional design features, which differ from product to product, which are designed to work with you and your dog to help you train your dog not to pull.  They are a training tool, as are anti-pull leashes/head collars.  None of these products work overnight and all anti-pull training methods require your time and patience.  If you are unable or have given up trying to train your dog to stop pulling with an anti-pull harness, the kindest thing you can do for your dog is buy a really comfy dog harness – such as the EzyDog padded chest-plate harness -  and at least you can rest  assured that your dog won’t be harmed by persistent pulling whilst wearing a harness.

Premier Easy Walk non-pull harness

Premier Easy Walk non-pull harness

If you do wish to use an anti-pull collar, leash or harness, below we have put together reviews and videos of the bestselling products worldwide that are specifically designed to stop dogs pulling on the leash and that can help you to train your dog to stop pulling  – all of these products are kind to your dog and humane, unlike choke, prong or pinch collars.

Premier Gentle Leader Easy Walk anti-pull harnesses for dogs

305 customer reviews Amazon.com

Ease of use: Easy

To put on: once adjusted initially, just leave front chest strap in one piece (different colour) pop the wide opening over your dog’s head and snap buckle girth strap.

Sizes: 7 fully adjustable sizes to fit dogs measuring 12″ girth upto 46″ girth. Suitable for all size and breed of pups and dogs.

How the Easy Walk harness works:

The leash attaches at the front of these non-pull harnesses, simply if your dog pulls, the low strap across the chest tightens a little, which deters your dog from pulling again, if your dog does, it steers your dog gently sideways back towards you – dogs don’t like having to turn and face you when on a walk.

Pros:  Easy to use and put onto your dog, comfy harness.  Size range is excellent, so a good fit is assured. (2 extra in-between sizes added last year).   Uncomplicated method of stopping your dog pulling which has been tried and tested for years successfully.  The main reason this anti-pull harness did not score 4.5 or 5 out of five was that some users dogs were in between sizes which has now been rectified with additional sizes and you have to adjust all the straps before fitting – the chest strap should hang slightly low down but fit snuggly – it is adjustable too. One of the best no pull harnesses.

Cons: Not good for leash chewers, or dogs who are afraid of leashes, as the leash is always visible to the dog, being attached at the front.

Other info: Premier Gentle Leader are specialists in this problem of curing dogs pulling, they also make the Gentle Leader head collar (see below). Some people confuse the two products. The anti-pull harnesses are best used at first with a short leash whilst your dog is still pulling. Make sure you measure your dog’s girth properly for sizing.  (see measure guide)

The video below shows how to fit the Premier Easy Walk harness onto your dog

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Premier Gentle Leader dog training collar

Premier Gentle Leader dog training collar

Premier Gentle Leader head collar

228 customer reviews Amazon.com

Ease of use:  not as easy as the harness above at first but comes complete with a training DVD and useful tips which are invaluable.

To put on: there are 2 nylon straps, the neck part and the muzzle part.  The collar/neck strap fits high up (above the dog’s windpipe) and the nose strap loops loosely round the base of the dog’s muzzle, so normal activities like playing fetch with a ball and drinking can still be done comfortably (providing the anti-pull training collar is not being used for correction at that point).

Sizes: 4 sizes to fit dogs weighing 5lbs-130lbs.  Not suitable for short muzzled dogs like boxers – the nose loop comes off too easily. Suitable for all size and breed of pups and dogs.

How the Gentle Leader head collar works:

The principle behind the Gentle Leader anti-pull training collar is one that lets owners communicate with their dog in a way that dogs instinctively understand. The nose loop encircles the dog’s muzzle and applies light pressure (if your dog pulls, you pull gently on the leash and the muzzle loop tightens and corrects your dog)  in the same manner in which the leader dogs naturally communicate with dogs lower in the pack. Because of the placement of the nose loop, the dog immediately understands his/her place in the hierarchy. The dog considers the owner his/her leader, basically the method relies on the proven fact that once you have control of a dog’s head, you are in control of the dog completely.

Pros: This anti-pull collar is really good for anxious or aggressive dogs.  Also can be used to train dogs to stop barking, jumping up or barking too much.  Suitable for use with a muzzle.  A good all round training collar that is multi-functional with a very good DVD included in the price.

Cons: Needs some preparation time before use for you to watch the video and get your dog used to wearing the training collar.  Some dogs will paw to try to remove the nose noose. Some people do not like the appearance of the Gentle Leader anti-pull collars.

Other info: Premier Gentle Leader are specialists in this problem of curing dogs pulling and also make the Gentle Leader  anti-pull harness above.  The 2 products are often confused as they just call both of them a Gentle Leader.

Sporn pull-stop halter harness

Sporn pull-stop halter harness

Sporn pull-stop halter harness

24 customer reviews Amazon.com

Ease of use: Easy

To put on: it goes on over-the-head – what you have, basically, is a nylon collar with fleece covered straps that go under a dog’s armpits and then connect to the collar. Put the collar over-the -head, attached to the collar are 2 small “D” rings on the front, and 2 larger “D” rings on the back. A mesh lace with an “O” ring attached to it goes through the two larger “D” rings on the back of the collar, and each side of the lace goes under one of the dog’s “armpits” and attaches with a clasp to the smaller “D” rings on the front of the collar.  The leash is hooked to the “O” ring on top the lace.

Sizes: 4 sizes to fit dog’s measuring 9″-33″ neck. Suitable for all size and breed of pups and dogs.

How the Sporn stop-pull halter harness works:

If your dog pulls whilst walking on the anti-pull leash, the two straps under the dog’s legs gently tighten. The harder the dog pulls, the tighter the straps get, meaning your dog has to stop pulling to release the tension. No choking, and it doesn’t seem to hurt the dog, it just makes the dog have to slow down in order to keep walking.

Pros: The straps have fleece sleeves on them to keep them from pinching or chafing your dog.  Straps can be detached to use as a collar on its own.

Cons: The sherpa straps made need replacing over time with prolonged use – available separately at $6 per pair (we do stock these)

Other info: Excellent reviews for the number there but no where near as popular as the two Gentle Leader products.

Watch this video which shows you how to put the Sporn pull-stop halter onto your dog and see the Sporn in action

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Weiss Walkie Dog Training Leash

Weiss Walkie Dog Training Leash

Weiss Walkie Dog Training Leash

9 customer reviews Amazon.com

Ease of use: Simple

To put on: basically the anti-pull leash is just like a regular long leash with an extra ‘O’ ring – wraps under your dog’s body, and attaches to the back of your dog’s collar.

Sizes: 2 to fit dogs weighing upto 150lbs. Suitable for all size and breed of pups and dogs.

How the Weiss Walkie Dog training leash works:

When the dog pulls, the Walkie applies slight pressure around the dog’s barrel(chest)  – and dogs naturally stop moving forward. The gentle pressure around the chest also serves to naturally calm and relax the dog.

Pros: Doubles up as a normal strong leash, when your dog is done training.  Good for calming anxious, nervous dogs.  Dogs do not seem to reject these clever anti-pull leashes.

Cons: Not good for dogs who like to chew their leash.

Other info:  This dog training leash has been used by animal shelters and the Humane Society for several years very  successfully, especially with nervous dogs.  The product has not been available at Amazon for long, hence low number of reviews, but for the number, the reviews are first class and it is a very simple product, designed and made in the U.S.A.

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We hope you have found our reviews helpfull, any questions, please contact us as we are  more than happy to share our years of experience with other doggie people!