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EzyDog Harness Review

Our verdict

EzyDog classic chest plate harnesses

EzyDog classic chest plate harnesses

EzyDog classic chest plate harnesses are industry award-winning for good reasons, they are a comfy dog harness, being padded, made of waterproof neoprene, reflective and come complete with a dog seat belt restraint!

Just over a year ago we were looking for a new dog harness for our westie dog and purchased the EzyDog classic chest plate harness, so we thought we would share our experience of this harness and review the EzyDog harness.

The reason we wanted a new harness was that I bike with my dog, using a Walkydog bike attachment which at that time, I had been only using for three months with my dog wearing his Clix Safe dog car harness, which worked fine, being padded but it was 7 yrs old, fraying and somewhat ready to be dumped. We wanted a padded dog harness that was suitable for biking, and walking, as I often push the bike back and let my dog walk and sniff or run off the lead on the way home.  I was also intending to get a new Clix Safe dog car harness at the same time for travelling in the car.

EzyDog harness - best dog harness for walking/running and biking

EzyDog harness - best dog harness for running/walking and biking

We were aware of the new neoprene dog harness by EzyDog  – it is marketed as a sports harness for dogs, walking/running/biking harness and suitable for use in the car as a dog car harness with its own dog seat belt restraint which comes with it.  It is featured alongside the Walkydog bike leash at Amazon as the item people buy along with the Walkydog – couldn’t have fitted the bill better for us! Additionally it has reflective stitching and is waterproof which both were bonus features to us.  The Ezydog harness is priced from $19-$24, depending on size, so a good price for what you are getting, considering it doubles up as a dog car harness.

We did some research online which was favourable in terms of good reviews and user comments.  The EzyDog chest plate is patented and is what the harness won industry awards for, being made of padded foam rubber (neoprene) to give maximum comfort and support to the chest area – also it moulds to your dog’s chest shape.

Dougie in his EzyDog Harness

Dougie our westie in his EzyDog Harness

We measured our dog’s neck and girth – he is 15″ neck and 22″ girth, so we ordered the small size which is designed to fit neck 13-22″ and girth 14.5-23.5″.  We were a little worried it would be a bit too tight.  When the harness came, it looked very small and we really thought it would be too small.  Anyway I lay it out over my dog’s old harness and adjusted the two straps to around the same size and put it onto my dog.  (The product description does not tell you it is a step-in harness, which for us was another plus point).  The harness did fit well and in fact I had to adjust it a little smaller, so the sizing is true.  As with any dog harness, it has to be properly adjusted to fit well, otherwise it will slip – you should adjust to fit, whilst on your dog, to be able to get one finger under both shoulder straps.  The EzyDog chest plate harnesses are very adjustable and come in 5 sizes for dogs from 12″ girth right up to 38″ girth, suitable for dogs weighing from 7lbs to 77+ lbs, so great for pups/toy breeds and large dogs like German Shepherds and everything in between.

EzyDog comfy dog harness

EzyDog comfy dog harness

We liked the look of the EzyDog harness with its cool logo which sits central on your dog’s back so everyone can see it!  We bought the black one – they also come in red, blue, chocolate as well as blue/ green and pink camo designs.  We thought the chest plate was a little rigid at first but after 10-12 outings it began to soften and sure enough mould to our dog’s shape.

Our EzyDog harness has been used just about every day and still looks good, it doesn’t seem to absorb dirt and there is no fraying or stitches coming undone – it is a durable well-made dog harness.

We like the fact that the EzyDog harness is reflective too, and being a harness covering more of the body, it is safer than just a reflective collar.

How the EzyDog dog seat belt restraint works:

The dog seat belt restraint is the type where you pass your own seat belt through the loop of the EzyDog dog seat belt  and click your seat belt in as normal into the socket (dogs are safest to be in the back seat or midway in a people carrier), and then fasten the trigger hook (just like a dog leash clip) to the ‘D’ ring on the back of the harness.  It also has the added benefit of being able to be used with a dog car lookout seat by simply sliding the loop higher up your seat belt.  When we go on long journeys, we put Dougie in his basket on the back seat, wearing his EzyDog harness and the dog seat belt restraint works very well – it is  2″ thick and made of approved safety webbing, and again no sign of wear.

How the EzyDog dog seat belt works

How the EzyDog dog seat belt works

The EzyDog padded dog harness is definitely the best dog harness for running/walking and biking (good harness for use with the Walky Dog Bike Leash).  Also due to the large size range and good adjustablity, the Ezydog is also one of the best choices for a puppy harness or large dog harness.  It also would be very suitable for dogs who have learned not to pull whilst walking but who perhaps just pull occasionally, like ours does when he sees another dog!

EzyDog Quickfit harness

EzyDog also make the Quickfit harness which has the same durable properties (rot proof,waterproof neoprene) as the chest-plate harness, also reflective and padded.   Differerences being it is an over-the-head style but only 1 clasp to do up which makes it very simple to fit.  The Quickfit doesn’t come complete with the seat belt restraint strap but the price for the Quickfit reflects that but it is suitable for use with a dog seat belt strap and we have them available separately.  Another good plus point about the EzyDog Quickfit harness, it is available in one additional smaller size than the chest-plate model, so the Quickfit will fit toy breeds from 4lbs+ and lastly the Quickfit has a useful front D ring for ID and medical tags.

You can watch videos of both EzyDog harnesses below.

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Below is a video about the EzyDog chest-plate harness:

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Below is a video showing the EzyDog Quickfit harness:

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